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Windows 7

RAF file converter for F550EXR


Just got my Finepix F550EXR 2 days ago and have set it to capture images in RAW, or should I say RAF. After loading the software, I can bring up thumbnails of the RAF images but it won't open them. I have tried a link for Silkypix given by Fujifilm in Sydney but it wouldn't load; I got the same error message as the one that came up for Silkypix when loading the software. The Fuji man in Sydney said that it was just a generic error notice. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?



v5.5 Software Keeps Shutting Down

Hi,Everytime I go to transfer pics from my S2750HD the program shuts down.Is there any other version of software that could help or some sort of upgrade that might help me please.


Here`s Hoping



Finepix Viewer and Windows 7 Problems


Windows 7 home premium, works great with all apps, except Finepix Viewer Works but when I close it windows reports the app has "Stopped Working". Do you want to check on line for a solution or close the program. Any ideas??

Chris Hodgson - Windows 7 Question


Back in October you said that you wouldn't touch Windows 7 "with someone else's barge pole" - is this still the case? ( I had mentioned your comment in passing to my son and he remembered it when his girlfriend's father was talking of updating to Windows 7)


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