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Taking Pictures

HS50EXR long exposure shots HELP ME

So I got my HS50 a few months ago, very excited, still figuring it out (and waiting for good weather), but one of the things I really really want to do is ... view

Author The Ball

Created 16/04/2014 - 02:35

Taking Pictures

Been for a walk, Photoblog

I've put some of the wildlife I saw while out for a walk in a photoblog, click here to view   Brian view

Author T-mex

Created 15/04/2014 - 18:29

Open Discussion

Best explanation I've seen for the Heartbleed problme view

Author Alan Clifford

Created 15/04/2014 - 14:45

General Photographic Discussion


Hi their, im just wondering where is best to get photos printed off? iv tryed a local kiosk and the quaity was not that great. Any help would be greatly ... view

Author hellman1985

Created 15/04/2014 - 14:38

Technical Help

XP30 LCD screen shows "USB"

Hello A friend has given me a FinePix XP-30 that he no longer uses. I bought a new NP-45A battery for it and charged it. When I turn the camera on the LCD ... view

Author wurlyfan

Created 15/04/2014 - 07:56

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7 hours 39 min ago
1 hour 26 min ago
I'm posting this due to Angies laptop being down. Please place your images in your gallery with a link posted to this thread.   Thankyou. Hopefully Angie will be with us mid week.  
7 hours 53 min ago
The catalog/brochure for the X-E1 says, on the specs page, that the X-E1 has face detection. But there's no face detection in any of the menus as far as I can determine, and the instruction book makes no mention of face detection. Is the catalog/brochure wrong, or where would I find it in the menu?
2 hours 32 min ago
i have a fujifilm jx60 that i purchased a few months ago. it worked without issue for the first few months. i tried to use it at my daughters choral performance only to be disapointed that the camera had nothing being displayed on the screen the menus appeared but no image from the lens and no images when i pressed the review button. so not only is it incapable of taking pictures the pictures i have taken cannotbe viewed. i called the "customer service" line and found it to be a joke. after discribing my issue the person said "oh well its malfunctioning" surely a no **** sherlock moment. yes i am aware it's malfunctioning. i expected to run through some troubleshooting ideas but nope. instead he just began reading off a address to send it to at my own expense. i am hoping that someone has a better understanding of what the issue may be. i am quite technically savy with most things and have checked for firmware updates or driver updates, software patches but according to the fuji website my camera model doesn't exist. so please any help is appreciated. thanks
7 hours 55 min ago
tHANKS Margaret for my placing Theme for the next WEEKS Closing on 20th April Theme : "Night Photography" EVERYONE WELCOME !!! Rules as follows The Members Global Photo Challenge is open to All Members and is to be set in the ‘TAKING PICTURES’ forum. All images must be taken AFTER the setting of the challenge ( NO STOCK IMAGES ALLOWED). The challenge will run for TWO WEEKS ending on SUNDAYS at 20.00 UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) images entered after the close will not be judged. The challenge is to be judged and the winners announced as SOON AS POSSIBLE after the close but no later than 12 hours of the closing i.e. NO LATER than 08.00 UTC ( Monday Morning) The Judge will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place The 1st place Winner is to set the next challenge as soon as possible after judging but NO LATER than MONDAY ( following day) at 20.00 UTC The Winner is to set the challenge, Copy and Paste the Rules, altering ONLY the number of the challenge, DATE OF CLOSING and adding the NEW THEME. This will be the REGISTRATION thread and will be for ENTRIES ONLY The winner will also set a DISCUSSION thread, for the posting of trial images, questions etc and images marked ‘Not For Judging’ If the 1st place winner fails to set the next challenge in the timeframe allowed, the 2nd place winner will take over and similarly, the 3rd if both fail To be considered for judging all entries must be prefixed by ‘Mine’s in” NO manipulation of images is allowed other than : CROPPING, STRAIGHTENING and adjustments to CONTRAST, EXPOSURE and SATURATION ( Conversions from RAW files are acceptable). These are allowed to enable you to bring out the best in your shot, but no “Creation” of images is allowed - NO Layers, Cloning, Additions etc in Photoshop or any other software. Please apply common sense in this regard - your image should be a “Capture” NOT a “Creation” PLEASE CHECK THE UTC EQUIVALENT TIME FOR YOUR LOCATION :- HERE
18 hours 40 min ago
  Due to excellent feedback and popular demand, but having sold out all of my previous spare HS10 Remote Cable Release Brackets as shown below, I have now had a further batch produced. They come complete with a 700mm release cable as shown and are made from satin finished Stainless Steel. Unfortunately I can only offer them to UK members, so if anyone is interested please use my contact button and leave your email address and I will get back to you.
3 hours 5 min ago
So I got my HS50 a few months ago, very excited, still figuring it out (and waiting for good weather), but one of the things I really really want to do is long-exposure shots. But I just cannot figure out how to make it happen with my camera. I've read every possibly related entry in the manual, .pdf and paper copy alike, and I've even cruised around on here hoping something will trigger the aha! I need. But nothing. I know I have to be in manual mode, and have ISO on 100, but the lowest I seem able to get it is 200; 100's greyed out.  So basically what I'm saying is, I need a very thorough, step-by-step explanation of how to do this. Rescue me 
6 hours 36 min ago
ROTA MAINTENANCE   At the BEGINNING of your task week when you post the TASK & DISCUSSION THREAD please copy and paste the whole of this Rota Thread to a new Thread showing the relevant Friday current date in the subject heading.   You are free to choose to set a 7 or 14 day challenge, please amend the rota accordingly.    Any "NEW VOLUNTEERS" putting their name forward for inclusion to set tasks can also be added to the list at that time...   (...It should be noted that these tasks don`t have to be complicated just something you would like to learn about)   ....likewise any swaps or withdrawals from the rota can also be recorded as appropriate...and then move your own name to the end of the list showing the appropriate Friday date                                    ------------------------------------------    To avoid cluttering up the forum with too many Rota Threads you can then delete yours after the next amended Thread is put up the following week.                                      ----------------------------------------   To recap, the task is posted on a Friday and to give a bit of 'thinking time' the registration thread is posted on a Sunday.   By way of explanation for newcomers to IHC MAN we have a rota to set tasks. As this is a 'Challenge' we don't have a winner or best's all about personal achievement.    REMEMBER --- to remove your name from the top to the bottom of the list.   Angie D - 11th April Lloydy -  25th April Ann Noden - 9th May  Marion Wager - 23rd May Anne R- 6th June Ray Fothergill - 20th June.
7 hours 48 min ago
Hello A friend has given me a FinePix XP-30 that he no longer uses. I bought a new NP-45A battery for it and charged it. When I turn the camera on the LCD screen lights up with the word "USB" and the USB symbol over a white background. None of the buttons do anything and I can't see any image. I've tried inserting an SD card (no difference), but I think the screen should show an image even without a card. Can anyone suggest what might be happening? Many thanks.  
7 hours 52 min ago
Got my X-T1 yesterday and have had no luck with the wireless features.  I can get the remote control to work on my Nexus 5 Android, and on one occasion managed to transfer a picture, but it's flaky and unreliable; first, often fails to connect, "Browse Camera" just sits there and doesn't display pictures and "Receive" says "Picture can’t be received" (maybe because it's raw?). Also, I can't get the PCAutoSave to connect at all to my Macintosh... it connects OK to the WiFi network that the computer’s on, but then it says it can’t find the computer. Does anyone have success stories, or tips & tricks on how to get this to work?  I'm technically competent, in the software biz.