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4 hours 49 min ago
I had a minor tripod malfunction so this is hand held. I know the greenery is a bit fuzzy but I have finally managed to get the milky look to come out fairly well.
5 hours 29 min ago
It seems to be a while since we had a 'Post Something..' thread.  So, here goes.Our old dog, Sasha.  We got her as a nine year old from a rescue centre.  She was in a bad state and on various meds.  We were told that she would live maybe 9 months and just needed some TLC as sh passed away.So..... three years later, she is the laziest bloody guard dog I have ever seen;Ok, now let us see your photo of 'Something Furry'.  :-D
7 hours 49 min ago
Now here’s a good game, you must ALWAYS start your sentence with a “N” and end with  “N”. see how you get oN
7 hours 54 min ago
Anyone want to play the three word game, I start with three words and then the next one adds three more.While I was........
7 hours 55 min ago
Here you go folks!Jane D had the last word with DUNNY
9 hours 8 min ago
Was just experimenting with 'bokeh' on my flowers from kitchen window when look what popped up and then a stand off between crow and the fox.
9 hours 29 min ago
I see the idiots are back. Have reported it.
10 hours 42 min ago
Nipped up to the Winter gardens in Sheffield this afternoon where they are doing the live commentary on the Snooker from Sheffield and snapped John Parrot between live commentary, It must be tiring sat around all day commentating 
11 hours 52 min ago
Many former customers still left in the lurch.'ve read some frustrated posts in other forums from former Calumet customers who are out siginificant money for deposits, expensive gear left for repairs or that was to be sold. Not to mention the poor employees who are waiting for pay that is owed them. :(
13 hours 42 min ago
I've managed to upload a photo into the forums, from my Android tablet,  without putting it in my gallery first.Click on green on box beside image URL to open file browser. Upload image into file browser in the usual way. (Now this is the bit that never worked for me) on insert file along the top where there is a green tick. This opened in a new window for me and I had to reselect the "insert/edit? tab again. Click on insert(bottom left) and save. My image uploaded the wrong way round!!!!! And I can't find a way to rotate it.
15 hours 28 min ago
 Here's your chance to post something new, something fresh that's not been seen before.
16 hours 26 min ago
Happy Easter Everyone.  Please, feel free to post a greeting here too    :smile:
18 hours 21 min ago
Any member with experience?
18 hours 33 min ago
The air soft as that of Seville in April, and so fragrant it was delicious to breathe in. Christopher Columbus
19 hours 39 min ago
I don't normally watch this program but last Saturday I had just collapsed myself in the chair and switched on the box (you can't call them that now their flat) anyway, this group of five boys came on and wow.The sarcastic looks from Amada Holden and Simon Cowell soon disappeared when they start.[video:]Ok they do seem a bit more professional than they say but it was so differant and a song you don't hear normally from Les Misréable 
20 hours 23 min ago
I thought that you could enter only one photograph per week but it seems that a couple of people have entered two. Are my eyes getting worse or have the rules changed? Has Angie handed it over to Steve?Jan.
20 hours 31 min ago
 This thread is for photo's you have taken of people that you'd like to be judged for.
22 hours 3 min ago
Today I spent the day at the 2014 New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC. It was great fun. So many cars! I didn't have time to do a blog here but I did manage to make a quick slideshow which can be viewed here:
1 day 3 hours ago
Text reads.Hi Ray. PC not yet sorted.Could you please tell those waiting for the MEG to change hopefully tomorrow.Love Angie.
1 day 7 hours ago
I took this picture today but can't see what bird of prey it is in my bird book.
1 day 7 hours ago
1 day 8 hours ago
Hi all I have just found out that my contact button is not on. I have ticked the box but it still dont show up, any ideas whats up.
1 day 10 hours ago
Hello all I need some advice if you can give it. I have the Canon EOS 1100D kit,with the 75-300mm & 18-55mm. I would like to get another lens to use as a walk round, I am stumped on what one to get. My choice is the Canon EF-S 55-250mm or the cheaper Tamron 55-200mm,both are on Amazon,the Canon Lens is just over £100.00 and the Tamron is Cheaper.The reason I want to get one is I just want a bit more zoom than the 18-55mm,so any advice on what would be the best walk round one. THANK YOU.PS. I will be getting a Raynox 250 but not just yet.
1 day 10 hours ago
HelloI was just wondering,  we over here in the UK have had forum posts on Robins (Snappy's Idea) and now we have our "Tits" forum post, both of which have been very well supported by members.  What do you think if we invited our members from Foreign Climes, to submit photos from their own countries?
1 day 10 hours ago
I brought a pack of Blue Ribbon Chocolate barsRemeber them?They used to have a lovely hazel nut taste, but now they have no tast at all, just like eating a chocolate covered waffer.What do you think are not as good as when I was a kid?